School Aims

The Future begins here


We strive to live up to our School motto – ‘The Future begins here!’ by:

  • Providing the children with a quality education in order to grant them a better perspective on their future as education is the first step towards success of the child.
  • providing better education to children of all origins by specifically focusing on street children, orphans and children from poor families.
  • Promoting the development of all our pupils with regard to their different needs and abilities.
  • Creating an environment in which children’s best efforts will be encouraged, appreciated and nurtured.
  • Providing a relevant curriculum tailored to the needs of the child
  • Encouraging and teaching pupils to become responsible citizens with a positive view of themselves and others.
  • Working in partnership with parents and the community which we serve.
  • To recruit and retain a diverse academic and classified staff so as to attain our mission.
  • Providing teaching staff with opportunities to develop personally and collectively
  • To maintain and continue to improve respect and dignity of children in our societies
  • To educate and prepare the next generation so as to develop a society of learned brothers and sisters.
  • To make Patmos island school the best place to begin the future of the upcoming generation.