Our core goal is to provide quality education to children of all origins hence we have various programs to accomplish our goals. In reaching out to children of all origins, the school has a special programme for street children, single-parent children having a parent with disabilities, orphans and children from poor families.

Through this special program, the school provides sponsorship for such children every year as per its capacity.

Due to scarcity of school resources, we cannot reach a big number of needy children who are willing and able to study but due to some circumstances in life such as the death of one or both of the parents or poverty are unable to get enrolled for education. In order to reach out to many needy children we are looking for enthusiastic individuals, Companies, societies and charities that are willing to support our projects in the following aspects;

We invite individuals, Companies, societies and charities who are willing to sponsor pupils who will join our school by supporting them with school fees, uniforms and other needs like stationeries for their academic growth.

For more information about sponsorship please contact;